All Co-op members MUST attend every AGM and any other GM / SGM called each year and to serve on at least one committee.

It is also mandatory that members have contents and liability insurance and keep their policy current and up to date and provide a copy to the office/board annually. The Co-Op covers property taxes and Strata Fees.

Applications will be kept on file for six (6) months after date of application. Please contact the Clearwater Housing Co-operative Office or the Membership Committee in writing should you wish to reapply. Please keep the office informed of any changes of address or telephone number 604-859-7429 during the six months.

A prospective Applicant would submit a completed Application form with a minimum of 2 reliable references.

When a unit becomes available, any interested perspective applicants will be contacted by the Membership Committee to arrange a meet and greet / interview. The Membership Committee then reports back to the Board of Directors their thoughts on the potential applicants.

If / when a prospective applicant is chosen, they will be contacted to view the available unit. They will then have 48 hours to pay the share fee of $2000 via Certified Cheque, Money Order or Bank Draft. Once the Share has been paid, the perspective applicant will now be considered a member. (Should the applicant decline the unit the Board will move on to the next in line and the process will repeat itself.)

Members are expected to pay their housing charges by postdated cheques. A new member will be expected to provide a cheque prior to the 1st of the month in which they are taking possession and are expected to provide postdated cheques for the remainder of the year at the earliest convenience. At the end of the year, members are expected to provide postdated cheques for the upcoming year.



Housing Charge

All Units
$1,075.00 Monthly

Members pay for Hydro / Gas / Phone / Cable / Window Coverings


SHARE PURCHASE IS $2,000.00 that must be paid in full when applicant is accepted. Share monies are returned within 60 days after move-out minus any costs for damages etc.

MOVE-OUT – 60 days written notice is required on last day of month.